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Rugser's rugs are handmade by skilled artisans with very fine quality handspun wool which extends the durability of the rug for generations. Turkish vintage rugs each one is a piece of artwork and each tells a story through their designs and colors. They make any place in your home look amazing. The rugs were originally made by women artisans. Wool is the most widely used fiber in Turkish rug design. Not only is it plentiful in supply, but it’s also durable, long-lasting, and incredibly plush, so it’s super comfy to walk and relax on. We believe that buying a vintage rug should be smooth and affordable and we know that our customers want to reach the real pure wool rugs swiftly. Machine product rugs are cheaply and quickly made on power looms controlled by new technologies. Against this, all of our rugs are handmade with traditional techniques, natural wool, and perfectly woven.

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